Monday, June 8, 2015

Fun shopping at farm chicks & thrifting

We had a blast at the Farm Chick til we dropped.
Here is my daughter wearing the tank top I got her from the show. 
I got her this cool lil ornament... 
Isn't it says she has a heart of gold!  It is from a fab designer- Beth Quinn 
She also made these earrings....that go perfectly with a vintage inspired dress my daughter just is white with big blue retro flowers. 
I know it is hard to see...but I got this cool wire rack that is for my supplies and at quilt hold my patterns. 
Scrunched seam binding and lil crocheted pansies 
I don' I love these! 
Vintage dishcloths to stitch on! 
Bags of goodies
Ring blanks 
Old wallpaper 
Vintage Halloween noise maker 
Vintage seam binding
Cool deer.....sorry the pic is bad. 
Creepy squirrel mounted in a was expensive and was 
The show was super duper crowded....when you saw something should buy it because it won't be there when you come back.   Lots of cool stuff....not like any other antique show...that's for sure.
It was also the 90's here!
WE also went thrifting!
Got a sweet shelf that needs painting. 
Got some cool tshirts for my Selina 
This is our Gonzaga bulldogs team...the basketball team is one of the tops in the country. 
I love using these for everything but knitting or crocheting. 
pans and candlesticks
They make a great supply holder! 
Lovely pink curtains for my studio 
Quilting and crafting templates 
fun book 
paper mache trees 
homespun fabric and HOOPS 
A cool ring for Selina....99 cents 
Magazines for the history buff in me and canvases.
Paper mache ornaments and other weird stuff.....they were all in a bag together.
Oh goodness....I need to control myself!!!!!
As if I needed any of this!!!

Come to the party bunch!!

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