Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life has no remote...

I love the blue!
The background is my zinnia surface pattern design...and I just love this saying.
Looks cute in this dollar store frame. 
Here it is in my pink Deflecto frame....brings a slightly different look depending on the frame.
Do you have a favorite saying?
Comment if you want to share it.
Summer .... so far.... has not been very productive yet.... I see my cat Trix doing crazy things after getting into the catnip.  I then am distracted over and over.
My daughter is home....always wanting to be doing fun stuff.....but she does have driving school to occupy some of her time.
But I do love to doodle....this is a zen doodle. 
There is a really cool magazine about it from Cloth, paper, scissors magazine.
Very fun and addicting!
Have you seen my summer time preemie flash cards....these are tiny.
There are 27 lil flash cards on one college sheet....all you have to do is print on cream colored cardstock and cut out.
These are great for your decor, tuck in a card, MAKE AS TAGS, great for scrapbooking , sweet in a dolls hands, use in altered art or collage art, bookmarks, and much more. 
The words you get are: Popsicle, vacation, beach, lazy days, bees, barbeque, surf, cracker jacks, smores, picnics, roses, strawberry, flag, iced tea, summer, sand castles, hamburger, camping, swimming pool, garden, school's out, suntan, baseball, hot, sea shells, hotdogs, and lake.
Each one comes with a number. 
They measure: 2 1/2" x 1". 
Have a wonderful ...magical day!

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  1. Trix is gorgeous too! :) Wish I was able to doodle like that~