Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sassie projects

I have some fun projects to show you...perfect for the beginning of March!
I love the chance to use the color is vibrant, so springy and always reminds me of grass growing and leaves coming on trees.
I made up some St. Patrick Day decor!
This is a 3 sided frame from Deflecto....
See the side shot?
Each panel side fits a 4" x 6" photo or piece of artwork. 
I had a blast using scrapbook paper and some circle artwork I made that was originally for badges. I just glued the circles onto the pretty paper and slid it in.   I Tied up the frame with seam binding and filled in the center with flowers and shamrocks.
This is a collage of the pictures of all 3 sides. 
Here is the "O'dorable" side...
It was so easy and was decorated before I knew it. 
Irish...for a day!
This lady probably had a tough life...aww ...what women before us had to do so that we could have a better life.
 Here I took a green frame....I put an old picture from the antique store (the hair cracks me up) in it and added a chenille stem shamrock and my flashcards with gold coins.
Hot glue is my bestie!
I have had these gold coins for years...just waiting to be used on a projects like this....
I love it when you have just the right embellishment tucked away for a future project. 
Here is one of the smaller clear frames from Deflecto...I added washi tape that looks like a measuring tape. I then added a bow made from a real vintage measuring tape and the thimble on the bow is the thimble from a monopoly game. 
 I also added a tea-dyed muslin banner that says "Create". The photo is another antique store picture.
The washi tape is super easy to use...just stick it on!  
Isn't this a sweet looking lady...I imagine her as a quilter.
Hope you had a terrific weekend!
March is here!!
Spring is right around the corner.
We already have tulips up (no buds yet) and the daffodils have buds.

Life is good!

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