Monday, March 9, 2015

Panda cuteness

Hey ladies!
I went to the big craft show this lots of goodies...and I wanted to share some with you.
I got this great panda bear with my friend Rchelle's booth.  It is all vintage like as if it has been well loved and stored in the attic. 
My friend Sarah gave me this witch hat she put on him during Halloween time!
Yay!!  I am lucky!
I also got some Halloween pokes for a dollar each. 
So darned glitter on the hat is my kind of witch hat. 
I know ...who buys Halloween in spring....ME!
I am addicted I guess.
I also got fudge, toffee, hand cream that smells like nag champa.
I wanted to get my daughter a cool tshirt skirt....but all the mediums left were dull colors and my daughter is vibrant. 
I went to goodwill later....and scored a vintage blue phone for 9.99.
These are usually a small fortune at antique stores...and usually green.

Here is my daughter goofing around....I have two now.
The ringers are super LOUD. 
She painted the yellow partly pink...we took it to Quilt market as a prop and everyone wanted to buy it.
She was determined to keep it. 
Before I decorate for Easter...I have some strawberries out...I know it is not strawberry season but I love the look of them. 
I have all kinds made of fabric....I just put them in my huge cylinder jar.
It is right next to my tart warmer from that thing! 
The best is yet to be...cute saying isn't it.  
That is a pattern by Bareroots.
I met her at market....she is the sweetest lady!
And finally....Froy, my cat, is giving this message today!

Have a good one!

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