Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easter Decorating

Hi ladies!
I have been pretty tired after a very long weekend with my sister...we try to cram as much fun in as possible.  It was fun and I think I have caught up on my sleep now.
I just thought I would show you around my house...and see what Easter Goodness I have up! 
I have a pink shelf that is perfect for spring...and little knick knacks. 
These bunnies came from a thrift store...who would get rid of them? 
This pink egg shaped shelf was my daughters favorite thing when when she was little, She loved playing with all the little pieces.  Eventually I glued them down....since after picking them up for the millionth time...I had had it. 
I was a super duper fan of cross stitch back in the late 80's!
It was my favorite thing to do. 
and I love hokey! 
Pink grass and eggs 
My needle felted eggs....my cat, Trix, sometimes has fun with these. 
I like displaying things I made with other finds from cool shops ...to thrift stores. 
Pretty flowers and mossy bunny. 
I love vintage paper decorations....reminds me of how teachers used to decorate their room for holidays. 
I got this yellow bunny when I was a kid...later I found the pink...and thought they would make a fun pair. 
I love my big bunny head...so heavy and cute.  The pink ceramic bunny was made to have cotton come out his booty....I guess for the bathroom. 
My banner...in my etsy shop....a digital item...so easy to print and cut out instantly. 
I love bunnies in every form. 
Goodwill score! 
Cool bunny from my friend Sue. 
The three little chicks....I made these so long ago that I don't even think I have the pattern anymore....darn. 
Cute bunny candle 
I hung up this prim bunny on my quilt. 
He came from a cool prim shop that closed about 5 years ago....still miss that store. 
Things on my piano. 
This is one of the first crafts I bought when I had my own place....I worked at the post office and didn't have much time to make things.  
More paper decos....and a cotton batting bunny. 
Cool gnome from Sue and a very dorky bunny (which is adorable) 
I made this a long time ago too...something I stitched up and then painted.
It is fun thinking about what you were up to years ago....then you realize how you have grown!

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