Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What the peep?

Ok...I promise I am not getting vulgar!
Just having some fun...Easter is
I love the look of peeps and the marshmallow smells so good.  I just don't like biting into the sugar.
Well...I am not really going to talk about Easter....
I want to share with you some little bits of art I have been doing.
I have been playing around with lettering.
I need a lot of work, but practice always helps.
Here are some atc cards (they are white cardstock pieces of paper the size of a playing card)  I did...first the lettering on a card...just using a black sharpie.
Then I watercolored it...very simply I might add.
I was enjoying the painting alot. 
Here is what is looked like before.
Just me goofing around.
There are globs of ink and letters that look goofy....but I was trying to let myself just play around. 
Isn't this funny!
I love it! 
I love this one....believe it sooo much!
If you can't be nice, then either I am leaving or the pest is!! lol
I watercolored it with some favorite colors....then I added a border using the free photo editor
I love pink digital sign"Everything is better in pink" sells constantly on Etsy...I think there are alot of pink lovers out there! 
I added pink watercolor...which I had to make mixing red and white together since I didn't have it in my watercolors.
I think you should try making some of these to.
Take a favorite saying....write it on a atc card using a black sharpie...then watercolor.
It doesn't matter if something didn't turn an always throw it out if you hate it.

Play alittle today!!

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