Saturday, March 14, 2015

Inspiration in quotes & what to read

What a powerful Thomas Edison!
I love him...he was quite the man.
Here is another one of his quotes....LOVE it!

Many of Life' failures are
people who did not realize
how close they were to success
when they gave up.

He was full of wisdom and never gave up.
He was not one is.
He made mistakes and sometimes they were whoppers.
He went on and focused.
He made the most of his life...I think we should too!
I got some more books at the Library!
And a couple I bought at the bookstore. 
Here is my collection from the is a great way to know if you need to purchase them to keep. 
I had another of his books earlier....this one is Steal like an Artist...
the meaning is that all ideas come from somewhere...bits and pieces have already been thought up...but
you can learn and steal and make them your own...good book!

Full of good advice. 
This one seems like lots of fun 
Plenty of how to's 
I love Jenny Doh....she makes the best books 
Here is another...gathering up her artist dolls 
Like this one by Danita (another fav artist of mine...I took an online class from was soooo good!)

Patchwork city....modern and classic at the same time.

I love all the ideas in it. 
Now onto the books I had to buy for my collection
Kawaii manga.....lets you in on all the secrets to creating cute characters....learning lots from this one. 
Happy School....what a crazy but cute scene. 
Lastly....Hand lettering ledger....I need to practice my illustrated lettering. 
This one will take lots of practice, but it will be worth it.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I am reading and getting into.

You should go to your library and bookstore too....
learn something new!

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