Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Painting some cheerful subjects

I have been painting again...having fun.
Using colors I love.
Letting go of what I think I should do and just play.
I also love to use inspiring quotes.
Here is my purple haired gal. 
These are small pieces of board that my hubby cut out for me from a plank of wood.
I just sanded them and coated with gesso...then put on layers of paper and paint.
I do many at the same time...because when one piece is drying...I can fiddle with another one.
Tabby cat in the flowers...
Goldie locks pal...the little bear eating her porridge.
She is "Happy".
I believe I shared these ones last week or so...
They all need a protective coat.
This is "Hope" 
Not sure how I feel about this one...I like it and yet I want to change it.

Blue haired gal....I love her.
I am still working on her.
Bunny with his egg tower....not done with this one either.
I can't decide what else to add. 
She is thinking big....with her giant flower.
I saw some huge huge flowers at Hobby lobby...each one was expensive.

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