Friday, August 22, 2014

ABC freebie series!

Happy summer August day to you!
I am starting a series that will last a long time....ABC designs.
This is the first....just in time for school to start!
Each week I will put the next letter on with a cute design...they would be so cute in an embroidered quilt for a child....or stitching up just the this apple. 
Can you guess what design will go with the "B"? 
Make a guess in the comment section!
Here is another sneaky peak of my next pattern....coming very soon!
I have been having headaches lately.....I used to have migraines but they went away.
I am trying to take it alittle easy and relax...hard to do when I have so many things to finish up.
I am designing with Deflecto products now....and it is such a pleasure!
Deflecto provides all your solutions to stay organized so you can concentrate on your projects not your clutter.
The picture just above is an acrylic frame that I put one of my ATC cards in.....then I just added a banner. The banner is stamped with stazon ink (pad)...I used the word "Cutie" and then added a line a glue around the banner and sprinkled with glitter. After it was dry I just tucked the banner in the side of the frame.

I really love the large pink frame! Here I put a watercolor print of mine in the frame....and added a paper streamer rosette...with a vintage paper punch circle and a decorated bottle cap. The bottlecap has a floral image and pink glitter. I added the words "Be Kind" to the rosette. This would be so sweet in a little girls room.

 Here is a closeup of the rosette. 
I have badge patterns for every style and occasion you could think of in my etsy shop.
This is a drawing I did on brown cardstock....a pen and ink. I wrapped lots of black stringy yarn around the base and then added a vintage button. It goes well with the drawing!
These frames come in all kinds of styles and sizes.....but one thing I noticed that I LOVE is so easy to change what is inside the frame.  I get so tired of the back of other frames with hard to remove staples or funny metal tabs that usually rip your fingernail.
Until next time...take care!!!

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  1. I'm thinking ... B is for Balloon .... or B is for Ball ... traditional, but you can't go wrong with traditional.

  2. Good guess...but not right. Thanks for guessing!

  3. B as in bat? Thanks for the pretty apple! :)

  4. I am new to your page and just love your designs!! Your designs really make me happy, it is like eye candy! C is for Cat or Car....

  5. Sorry....someone already guessed Clown...which is the answer.