Monday, August 25, 2014

So many ideas....come get them!

You probably know that I am part of the Deflecto design team by excited about it!
Deflecto is a great company that  provides all your solutions to stay organized so you can concentrate on your projects not your clutter.
I want to share my final frame projects with you.
The above picture is my Jewelry display....great for your bedroom to hang your necklaces on or to display necklaces in a craft booth.
For this sweet Jewelry holder..I used the big 12" x 12" frame. I added my favorite scrapbooking paper. Then clipped my old clothespins to the top. The necklace hangs on the a loose knot in the chain.
I used the magnetic frame as a message board of inspiration. The barn photo is my daughter's photography and I added some wheat.
This is a business card holder made from two frames....3" x 4" and the very tiny 1 1/2" x 2". I taped them together at the bottom. I added an atc card I made that says "Bloom". The small frame has a bit of pink paper where I stamped "Take a card".

Another angle of the business card holder made from two Deflecto frames.

I used the Pink 8 1/2"x 11" frame and added my digital art sign. The saying comes from Les Miserables. I added vintage ribbon flowers.
I love using little bits and pieces that I have been hoarding for projects like these.
I have shown you this before and the following, but I just wanted you to see the whole group of them together.
This one is my raggedy Ann watercolor painting in the green 5" x 7". I added a little scrap of fabric to the lower corner with an even tinier scrap of muslin with the word "Cutie" stamped on it. The scraps are sewn together and then glued on (I taped so I could use the frame in another project).
So simple! 
I love frames because a lot of what I do involves my digital signs I make and sell on Etsy.   This is my "Home of the free because of the brave" sign in the stand alone frame. 
 I added some tulle rosettes and a small paper banner to the bottom.
Here is a Halloween watercolor of a scarecrow. This is in the purple 5" x 7" frame. I added my flash card (I design flash cards too) that says "Scarecrow" and also added fall leaves. So easy.
Another very simple project.
I really love the large pink frame! Here I put a watercolor print of mine in the frame....and added a paper streamer rosette...with a vintage paper punch circle and a decorated bottle cap.
The bottle cap has a floral image and pink glitter. I added the words "Be Kind" to the rosette. This would be so sweet in a little girls room.
This is my mom (she's has been gone almost 17 years now) and I thought she would look great in the black 5" x 7" frame.....sort of retro. Her pic was taken back in the 50's. I punched out some scalloped circles, stamped the letters for mom on them and then glued them onto a pennant shape made from pretty paper. I glued them onto ribbon and then attached to the frame.
I love going through my papers to see what fits best. 
Here I took one of my drawings on brown craft paper and just added layers of black stringy yarn to the bottom with a vintage button.
The magnetic frame is so nice for the fridge....nice strong magnets! I just put one of my calendar pages very easy.
The 3" x 4" frame is great for artist trading cards....I put one of mine in and added a little tea dyed muslin banner. The banner is stamped with stazon ink (pad)...I used the word "Cutie" and then added a line a glue around the banner and sprinkled with glitter. After it was dry I just tucked the banner in the side of the frame. 
Here is my daughter Selina's Photography ....a beautiful Sunflower.
We put this in the 8 1/2" x 11" frame with pink Pink! I added raffia around the frame and a sweet tag saying "This is the life!"
I love raffia...especially with fall coming.
Please take a peek at Deflecto....and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Come to Thrifty thursday, The pin Me linky party and the Party bunch...for tons of fun!

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