Monday, August 18, 2014

You gotta be kitten me! plus Sneaky peak

Happy Monday!
Here is Lucky complaining to wet food in quite a while and he is mad!
I just don't like the smelliness of wet food.
I thought this caption was perfect for him....a play on words.

My garden in going crazy growing everywhere.

Our garden is in our old hot tub... it is great!
I added the sunflowers for fun....but there are tomatoes, gourds, pumpkins and catnip...peppers.

The pumpkins just grow over the hot tub.
You have to watch where you walk.
By the way our pumpkin were supposed to be cucumbers.

One is turning orange!!!! Along side a roma.

We put a netted support for this guy....he wanted to start growing on the edge.
The weight would have broken it.

Side note....the dollar tree has these cool googly eye push pins.....I had to have.
They are in the back to school department.

Sneaky peak!!!
Pumpkin guy coming soon!!!

Lastly I leave you with Lucky sniffing the lens.
Not his finest pics...but he doesn't know!

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  1. Aw, Lucky is so cute! Adorable kitty! :)

  2. such a sweet kitty! true, the wet food smells, but my cats get so excited and make so much noise when they realize they're getting some, it's worth it to me. the boyfriend, on the other hand, comes home and gags lol.