Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Funny little things

I wanted to share a few funny little things I have in my studio....these are the non necessary items but still fun.
Above is an old quilted sign I used to hang in my shows as a banner.
I hang thick jute around the high ceilings to hang things like this with clothes pins. 
Here is a cool old game...I got for 2 bucks...inside are some fun plastic dolls to dress up. 
I like old blocks....you never know when you might need them! 
This is an old orange cup with a noise maker and a little watercolor pin I painted long ago...once I met Debbie Mumm and she signed the back of this....she was my hero! 
Here is a crown my daughter made me years ago for my birthday.

My old needle felted tomato doll....freaky huh! 
An old Easter creation...its fun to see what was exciting to me ..when I look at these old designs. 
I love paper punches....these are my small guys 
I love collecting "Modern" sewing books....lol. 
Halloween hag....hanging around. 
My daughter made this ages ago...I love seeing her tiny hands as leaves.
She still has small hands....so cute. 
My valentine box (my mother gave my 30 years ago) filled with unique buttons and doo dads. 
I have tons of dinosaurs and animals in plastic...bad pic I know.
These are great to cover in tacky white glue and glitter them up.

Yikes...he is scary!

I love pom poms....this is a vintage kit. 
Old chalk...I love old boxes that would have been thrown away ages ago. 
Close up of my brass looking doo dads 
I love digging in them 
Who doesn't love buttons.   don't know how I got a fur button....lol.

I like these party pic things....don't know why 
Old jar full of funny flowers 
Clothes pins...and my silly bugger necklace. 
My grandma from Scotland would always say that someone was a silly bugger....cracked me up 
Eiffel tower collection and FUN banner

Jewelry making supplies....they are never too cute 
I had to end with this....ha hahahah.
I made this sign years ago....still makes me laugh.
Have a great day!

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  1. I've been browsing your blog posts and enjoying your patterns and crafts, but the "Old Poop" sign made me laugh outloud!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg