Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A little slice of heaven

A little slice of heaven....that is what Artist's trading cards are to me!
I love these little guys that are the size of a playing card.
You can paint, glue, draw, color pencil, pen and ink, or whatever you want to do with them.
I have blank ones by my that at any moment I can draw something with pencil and then go over it with a black permanent marker.
I later paint....sometimes with watercolors.
I love Americana....and I love being a Vet!

I always scan them for my business....then put a protective clear sleeve on them. 
With these witches...I used my best old pics and dressed them up.

This is just a wide variety of my babies.

It is hard to part with them.

I usually keep my favorites in this dollar store container.....Purple!

You can buy everything you need from art stores, hobby lobby, and Jo Anns.
I like these cards that you can get to put your ATC's in.

I love pumpkins!!! 
Any one can do art if they practice enough.
I had one drawing class for half a year in high the eighties......and that is it (until just recently I took an online class).
So all these years of designing art/patterns...I had one class of knowledge.
 So anyone can improve with practice.

These are so fun to mess around with and play. 
Try some little pieces of art...if it doesn't work ...throw it away and start again.

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