Thursday, September 26, 2013

Old Halloween yummies

Happy chilly autumn to ya!
Our temp went from 90' 50's in a flash....what's with this crazy weather?
I wanted to share some fun pictures with you....old Halloween ideas for goodies.
They are fun.... a little weird...and kooky.
These all come from cookbooks.
The pumpkin is cheerful....but totally different from the cakes from the magazines now.

I think you'll have to click on this to see it to cut up a gumdrop to make a cat from a cupcake.  The pumpkin seems much easier....he he he.
This is my favorite....a dad with the kids....i guess mom is taking the pic because in real life mom would be in there.  It is super fun though. 
I remember people giving popcorn balls as treats on Halloween night....apples too.  One lady gave Popsicles (in Washington state?)...I loved that house.  One old man would give dimes....I was shocked.  This was the one time a year that the candy was all mine....we didn't have to share.  We lived in a home where the only snack was a nice piece of toast.  When my mom got your portion and that was it....because it was gone.  So this trick or treat deal was major!
I used to inspect my daughters candy like I was an FBI agent.  She would only eat Hershey's and some nerds.  She didn't like candy.....I was always shocked and took over the candy and also bagged some up for her grandpa.  He loved getting these goodies (he is a thrifty Scotsman).

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