Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back in the day...1982

Good Saturday to you!
This is me and one of my sisters.....back in 1982.
My sister is on the left...her name is Angie  (Angie baby...if you sing the song to
I am on the right.  She is four years older than me.
We have had some seriously fabulous times...laughing so hard our mom would yell at us to be quiet for the millionth time.
We would play old computer games like digdug and remote control....with a  Kahlua shake.
Watch the "Kids in the hall" until our ribs would ache with laughter.
She would make a string contraption all across our room so she could pull it and turn out the lights.  She would also fall asleep with gum in her find it stuck in her
We would cover our walls with tiger beat pictures of Shaun cassidy, leif erickson, and elton john.....and also that hunky guy from the blue lagoon.
Anyway...I could tell a million stories...but she has serious back pain right now....gonna see her next week. 
I hope she gets better soon....I know back pain can come and go.
She also has arthritis that is bad too.
She should have a Kahlua shake...I think I will text her that!

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