Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Missing my wonderful mom

16 years ago today.....I lost my mom to a lung disease.  Yes she smoked....the one thing she did to cope with a hard life.  She also had Rheumatoid arthritis.  She was devoted to us five children and was a great inspiration.  She wasn't perfect, but she was close.
I must confess....I hated the smoke when I was a and my sister would bury our heads in our shirts for a filter.  We all had a lot of secondhand smoke.
I wish she would have quit smoking like my dad did.  My dad is fine and healthy....he quit drinking 43 years ago as well.  She did quit, but it was way too late...she was terminal.
I would give anything to have one more carefree day with her....maybe shopping, having one of her meals, talking about just about anything would be great.
As I have said before on the one and only daughter was just born 20 days before my moms death...I do believe her will was strong....and she willed herself to see my baby.
My mom was a navy vet, a fabulous Morse code operator, a terrific secretary, a wonderful story teller, was soooo darned smart, she could play anything on the piano, she was a great cook, sewer, crafter, made every holiday really special, and sooo much more!
If you still have your mom with you...consider yourself very lucky!


  1. I loved reading your post. I too had my mother pass to a better place. I also, hope to see her one day having as you said one of her better days. I am always nostalgic at this time of year because we would do so many fall things. I miss her and always will. I just said the same thing to my SIL who still has her mom, and was complaining and said exactly what you said. It is a hole that can never be replaced when you have a good mom.

  2. Thanks for commenting Josephine.....I agree...fall was a wonderful time to spend my mom. Your last sentence really hits home! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. hugs to you, I wish you could have one more day with your mom
    I still have my mom and my dad and I do consider myself lucky. I was thinking about this a week ago when I turned 50, I'm fortunate because not only are my parents here (and healthy at 78 and 82) I still have all of my aunts and uncles living! They are from 69 to 84 years of age

  4. are lucky! I'm glad your parents are healthy. My mom would have been 83 this mom had me at 37. She said I kept her Her father (my grandfather) was born in 1895....he would have been 118. My family takes their time having kids.....waiting until the last second.
    Thanks for sharing your story too!