Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's day freebie!

Happy Mother's day to all you moms out there!
I can't wait to see what my daughter made me...I think it will be something on her laser machine.
My mom has been gone 18 1/2 years!  My only baby was just 20 days old when she passed...I believe she willed herself to stay alive to see her!
My mother in law passed away this past year...she was a real gentle soul.

Maybe you could stitch this up quickly for mother's would be a sweet gift!

*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make a couple finished goods (no mass producing) and a couple gifts...they are still legally my designs.

So my $5.99 child's hutch started out like this....
scruffy yet not bad....
Now...It looks like this!
I sanded it, painted it with blue chalk paint, sanded it a little again and then put some wax medium over it.  
It is now perfect for my studio to hold goodies or for display at quilt shows. 
It has a lower cabinet area too.  
I really had fun redoing this project.
Next I want to work on a few things related. 
I had to show you my dragon in my studio...he is about to pick up the block that says..."Keep calm and carry on".
There are some days you just can't keep very calm.
These are my lil violets...I had a ton of spider plant starts that I am using for spikes in my pots. 
I found this old rusty tool box on my I made it into a sweet! 
This is my enemy...
the very healthy Dandelion...
He tries to ruin my spring every year.
Here is a Sneaky Peak of my next design....stay tuned!
Froy....says to have a Happy Weekend!!!
 He also recommends laying in the grass a while.

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