Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Awww... Summer!

Summer time is just around the corner...and I am super excited.
Not only is my one and only child graduating...but we have a lot of business to work on together!
It is going to be epic!
Do you have a vacation planned?
Do you camp?
I love working on projects outdoors...getting fresh air and enjoying the birds!
Here in this post....I am featuring some of my very top favorite patterns for
I love needlecases....not only are they cute...but if you ever have a sewing group or are traveling with a sewing project...a needlecase is really handy! 
This pincushion also keeps your snips scissors close by....
which is good because I am always moving scissors around.
This pattern is in my etsy shop!
All 3 designs are in one! 
This is an oldie, but a goodie!
It has been popular ever since I made it.
I love using the smallest of wool scraps...I can't help but be thrifty.
I love mixing old photos with my designs.
This necklace is a great remembrance piece...you could use a family picture if you wanted to...but I also give some random photos for you to use. 
These are in:
This once reminds me of an old political rally pin. 
These also use up scraps and make great show sellers. 
Bee kind..
This design came from a small drawing I did that was just a quick doodle.
I loved it so much that I turned it into this pattern...
Black and yellow borders are the perfect addition to make this pop! 
One of my favorite sayings...
We don't have many snails here in eastern Washington...it is too dry, but this little guy is very sweet hanging up.   
Do you needle punch...punch needle?
I love doing it...it is addicting.
I love adding them to those paper mache boxes at the craft stores that are 99 cents.
This Americana one can hold some treats or buttons. 
We are going to the Oregon coast this summer...
This design really makes me excited for it.
It is fun to decorate for summer time....
get out the shells...and some sand from the craft store....fill a bowl or dish.
How can anyone be sad in the water ...with an ice cream cone?
It's impossible!
someone asked me if I could create a bright vibrant punch needle...since most tend to be primitive.
I jumped at the challenge.
I love color!

I have a new design coming out very very soon...
it is for Summer!!!!

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