Monday, May 2, 2016

Good Monday!

Lucky says 
Good Monday to you!
He is enjoying himself on our new King bed.
He thinks it's all for him!
The quilt on my bed is from Mary Jane Farms....isn't it cool! 
We visited my sis this weekend....this is the mighty Columbia river... Lewis and Clark traveled this long ago to get to the pacific ocean.  I can't even imagine how difficult that was!

I got this child's play cabinet at goodwill for
It is adorbs...just needs some painting.
It has a cute decorative floral wreath on it. 

I am painting it with blue chalk paint. 
One coat done...gotta add another layer....distress it and put some wax medium on it.
I will post the after pic soon!
I have three of these cabinets now...all very different.
They make great displays!
I drew a little on Sunday....I love drawing Halloween and get excited about it....even though summer hasn't even started. 
This lil gal is wearing a sweet cat hat!
Doodling was my favorite thing to do in school....haha
I should have seen the sign of my future....but I didn't.
I love to fill up the page!
I had a lovely Mango drink and the weather was a dream! 
Pumpkin guy!
The pumpkin is my favorite thing to draw. 
But I do love a cute witch.

Hope your week goes swell.
Tomorrow my last visit to the dentist....fingers crossed.
They practically have a room ready for me at all times.
At least I am not afraid of them anymore.

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  1. Pretty quilt and a beautiful kitty cat!!! You got a great deal on your cabinet! Haven't tried chalk paint yet, but I will one of these days! :)

  2. What a deal on that beautiful cabinet! Love thrift stores! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty