Monday, May 23, 2016

Painting...what a process.

On rained and my daughter said she wanted an art day!
We got out a million supplies and got busy!
Above is the finished painting...."the Queen of Fun" 
It started as a blank canvas...adding papers...old books and tissue papers.
Then I added favorite colors and more white.
Plus lots of scribbles.
To me it was still a mystery...I didn't know what I was going to paint. 
Then I added some darker colors...
covering up...but layering. 
Here I decide I want a queen with flowers.
It is taking shape. 
Adding more details...more is fun playing around. 
Here it is close to being done...cute and 
After that I did this Halloween painting...I thought why not...everything is all over the table anyway.

I just love Halloween....can't get enough of it!

Here is one of my daughter Selina's paintings...
WE had a blast together. 
Here is another cutie by Selina.
I love doing things with her...we get along like peas and carrots!

Hope you too had a fabulous weekend!

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