Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How easy is it to make a pendant?

How easy is it to make a pendant?
The answer:
Today I am going to show you how easy, quick and fun it is to make a fabric pendant.
These are made with my daughter Selina's hexie pendant blanks ...
Which are in her Etsy shop...plus many more shapes and finished goodies.

I highly recommend this great glue....
Aleene's quick dry tacky glue...so much better than elmers glue.
You get three sets of hexie pieces in Selina's pack.

Just cover the inner hexie with a piece of thin cotton batting...glue in place.

I love to take the outer hexie and place it on fabric pieces to see what area of the fabric will be cutest.
This is the same fabric, just a different area...see how completely different it would look. 
You could also add embroidery or beads to the area you want to use on the fabric.
I like to pull out a few fabrics to try out. 
I have a scrap of "Hello Kitty"...cute!
These pendants only need a tiny piece of fabric. 
I love this summer time/patriotic fabric.
So many choices! 
Imagine all the choices in your fabric stash!
I decided that I wanted to do the blue.
Just set the fabric on top of the inner hexie and push the outer hexie over it! 
I cut the back of the fabric down to 1/4".
One section was even with the wood...glue will take care of that. 
Add tacky glue.... 
Fold over fabric...press with fingers for a second.

Cut out a piece of black felt for backing.

Add some more glue...
Sorry my pic is crazy...my cat was trying to get into the picture. 
Press down the felt on the back.
Looks cute! 
Add the necklace chain...then it is complete! 
Perfect to wear to a summer BBQ or to the beach.
Selina sells them in packs...it comes with the bunny embroidery pattern and a how to sheet. 
She also sells mini hoop blanks...it comes with the "hello" embroidery pattern.
She sells rings, tags, banners, earrings and more!
She graduates High School on Sunday!!!
So proud!!!

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