Friday, October 9, 2015

Pumpkin BOO freebie design!

It's freebie Friday again!
Time flies in October. 
I thought you all would like this spooky pumpkin....perfect for Halloween,
It would make a great coaster.
*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs. 
I recently got this adorable Vintage Halloween card at an antique show.
I love the sweetness and that it is perfect for a child. 
Here is the inside.
Reminds me of my latest pattern below...the ghost is very friendly.
I am spending the weekend with my sister and girl time.
We are gonna shop, see a movie, hot tub, be crazy....just enjoy ourselves.
Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend too!!!

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  1. This is so cute!! Love it! I would like to invite you to my DIY Crush Craft Party which starts at 7pm EST. and is new every Thursday. I'll pin every post!! ;)