Tuesday, October 13, 2015

WSQ Quilt show is coming!!!

It is time for the annual Washington State quilt show....here in Spokane.
I have my same booth in the corner of the main building.
It is this Friday October 16 through Sunday the 18th!
It really is one of the best in the nation.
There is alot of inspiration and tons of awesome vendors.
You can shop from tons of different quilt stores from around the area and around the country...designers and online stores!!!  All in one place!
These are pictures from my booth....a few years ago.
I love seeing how I changed the displays up and added new designs.
These are some new designs for this year.
I have to admit...I am getting really excited!
Bunny in Amy Butler fabric....and prim eggs. 
Some of my new Valentine's patterns.
I like to get in as much as I can!
If nothing else...this inspires the creativity inside you!
I also love talking to everyone....which is quite strange since I am a formally super shy person.
I still have shy qualities. 
Thanksgiving...I love decorating for it...by the way....I bought this YoCrunch pumpkin pie yogurt....It is like heaven.

Spooky goodness.
I am really looking forward to Christmas....hope we will have snow this year.
Seems like the pacific Northwest has been soooo warm the last few years.
No white Christmas for several years....boo hoo.
My wool felt pins....always popular.
I love it when setup is over....setup is the hardest thing.
Can't wait to see some of the ladies I only see this one time a year...it is like a reunion!
Witch ornaments!
---  - --- - ---- - - - - - ------ --- 
Hope to see you at the quilt show.
If you can't come....I will post pics after...so you can see what it looked like!!

Come to What to do weekends!  Come to Home Matters!  Come to the Pin Me Linky Party!

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