Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween decorating...come to the tour!

I want to show you my halloween decor!!
Come with me on a tour! 
I have some lanterns, a light up ghost and my pumpkin mat. 
Here is a wider shot.
I have halloween all over the place. 
My creepy witch...I really love the diecuts. 
The art was amazing back in the day! 
This witch looks like a dude! 
This is one of my favorites and is very large. 
When I put a collection together and it works...it feels like heaven. 
Needle felted pumpkin...looking sassy! 
My brother bought me these witch legs years ago....he didn't even remember when he saw it the other day....men! 
I like turning any thrift store book into a chilling library addition....
I just paint the covers! 
Sometimes I just randomly put up the treasures. 
This canvas painting lights up. 
A mix of old and new....plus doll heads are creepy! 
My owl with pearls. 
This lil quilt was made so long ago...back when I crafted for myself. 
This sweet panda was made by a pal, Rchelle....and another pal, sarah, made the hat.

My recent dolls I made just for me. 
my peanuts collection...can't wait to see the movie coming out. 
They bring back those old childhood memories...watching this show each year was so important.
I love collecting skulls. 
More diecuts....this time...an owl 
My pumpkin at the top of this shelf always brings a smile. 
When growing up...one decoration we had was a large paper skeleton.
How do you like the painting in the background...pretty cool..huh! 
Hallmark candy containers and Danita paintings of the bride and Frankenstein. 
My mantle is always fun the put together. 
All this is an investment...right?! 
bad shot....but you get the idea. 
I love mixing a cross stitch witch with a light up pumpkin man and other goodies. 
So witchy! 
Look at Dracula's eyes! 
This section is quite creepy! 
and stuff I put in a big glass container. 
I didn't put it all up this year....I really need to pare down.
See the girl in kitty suit painting?  It is an original from Tascha.

My piano top....very spooky. 
This is the first lil quilt I hand quilted....with tight stipling stitches.
I was then hooked as a sewer and maker. 
Frankenstein hanging out at the piano. 
Doll head ...2 bucks....creepy levels...very high! 
My paper mache deer....I painted white and then decorated him....I can't wait to decorate him for each holiday! 
My Americana kitchen with a splash of spooky. 
My old lunch pail with an old crow...ready to get any visitor.
I hope you enjoyed the tour...my back yard has cool lights...perfect for when we are in the hottub...
I feel very lucky and blessed.
Hope the rest of your week is very spooky!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all your awesome Halloween decorations. I must say my favourite is the Peanuts set - and like you I'm looking forward to the movie coming out.

  2. Love all of your Halloween goodies!

  3. You certainly go all out for Halloween! Thanks for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty link party.