Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Quilt show- 2015

This year's quilt show is finished... it was a wonderful weekend! 
My booth was absolutely packed! 
all my new designs were there plus my most popular from the past. 
I want to thank everyone who dropped in to say hi...it is always a treat.
It was fun talking to everyone and sharing. 
My mouse always gets attention...he is a favorite. 
I brought my child's cabinets for display...loved using them. 
There was cute-si-poo... everywhere. 
I love having a corner booth! 
Halloween was the best sellers. 
It is so easy to decorate this section. 
Pumpkin pin keep....he is watching.... 
The snowman were sweet and I loved using the tape measuring trim on them. 
Some people like the new things and some people loved my oldest designs....you just never know! 
I am always happy with this show...it is a blessing. 
Valentine magic. 
It is hard work to make this little store for a 3 day show.
You have to pin up high and low...every inch is important. 
I never had a chance to see most of the quilts on display... wish I had seen them.
This gingerbread stuck into the St. Patrick's day section! 
My mannequin displayed the embroidery pendants.
Here is a wide shot of the booth....
another year done....next year will be fun too!

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  1. I just love quilt shows. Thanks for sharing. Your friend, Linda @Crafts a la mode