Friday, October 23, 2015

Sweet Witch Freebie design

I just can't stop thinking Halloween!
I know it will all be over I got to squeeze in all the scary movies, all my last minute fun projects and some party ideas research.

After the quilt show....which was fabulous....I decided to take a break and paint a little something.
This is sweet is a large 10 x 14....My pic is a bit fuzzy .....sorry.
I so enjoyed this that I got some more supplies to paint one might be a Christmas one.
I also made some dolls for myself....why not?
I bought The Sweet Meadows farm pattern on etsy. 
I made three....they can be friends forever!
I made two orange and one black....all the faces are different. 
she is holding my vintage rattle.
The dresses are from fabric I got this summer while visiting Seattle. 
This one has a candy corn button.
I hardly ever just make something for this was a real treat.
I might have to name them!  
This was a fun and easy.  

This weekend we are seeing "Crimson peek" and we are also celebrating my husband's lots of fun ahead.

Come to the Pin me linky party!  Come to the party bunch!  

Come to the what to do weekends!  Come to home matters!!

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  1. really love the blue, pink and yellow hues and stars in the pumpkin painting