Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My booth at the Washington state quilt show

Last weekend was the Spokane Washington state quilt show!
I had my same booth in the corner.....above is a wide shot of it.
We had a great show and I want to share some pictures on it!
Let me tell you....setup is hard...because I always have to get sooo much into a small spot.
I used old screen doors for display.....my prim flag, smile pillow and Christmas poem stitchery.
Here is another side shot...I think by clicking on these pictures you may see it larger.
I grouped my Halloween projects together.  I have quite the collection.
I always bring my wool pin patterns.....these are great for using up small scraps of wool and felt.
At the top left is the Witch's stocking....it is what you might give a witch for great spookiness ....on halloween night as her gift....lol
I had patterns for wallhangings, ornaments, pillows and more!
Here are my sweet snowmen and the "Where the tree top glistens" ornaments...my design that is on the cover of the Somerset Holidays and celebrations.
See how every inch is needed..lol
I try to have most my samples for my patterns on display.
Chicks in an egg and  kitty dresdan plate pillow and lots of projects for wool.
I love all the holidays, as you probably already know.....valentines, Easter, and christmas...oh my!!!
I brought my daughter's bench to put on my table for extra space for halloween decor.
My ghost....he has been to alot of shows...and has been handled alot.  My pal Sarah's ghosts, that she made for a show...looks all fresh and pretty.
My old cupboard for halloween....through out the year I use it as part of my photography station.
I use old drawers to hold pattern....sweet
This is the front side....the christmas design in front has always been a big seller.
My wire tree from goodwill is perfect for my witch ornaments...which are made from chenille stems.
The corner....lots to look at.
Valentine......I love mixing red and pinks!
Garden tags
I put most my hoop art on a chicken wire frame.....a giant gold frame that used to hold a tacky painting from the 70's.
A Christmas stocking with mice stitchery.  Plus the santa mannequin dress form.
Embroidery is one of my favorite things to do...so satisfying.
Candy cane stocking....with lots of tags.  
I made this valentine to look like a vintage box of chocolates.
In the back is my heart with changeable wool circles....one for each month of the year.

I love me some St.Patricks day too!
Bunnies are so sweet at Easter time.
I like taking a bundle of wheat and twigs....put them in a big pickle jar and then hang up halloween ornaments on them. There is my turkey on a stand.  I love owls too!
Wicked witch pinkeep....and stacking pumpkins.
At the top left is one of my oldest designs....a bouquet of halloween goodness.
I really love pumpkin men or ladies
Everyone wants to buy my raggedy girl.....she is a sweetie
Boy that skull is sure staring at you!
I had a great time at the show....and met some really really nice ladies.....loved hearing their stories and all!
Another shot from where our cash register table sat.
Hope next year will be as fun!

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  1. Oh, so much goodness! I especially like the witches with vintage photography heads. :)