Friday, October 17, 2014

Alphabet freebie - ink

Yep...I is for Ink!
So old fashioned!
I do have a bottle of in...kinda afraid of it since it is india ink in black....
the kind the would never come out if spilled!

Next week will be: "J is for ____"
Be the first to guess the correct answer to what "J" could stand for ....and you will get a sweet prize.  Just make your guess in the comment section of this blog post.
One guess per person to make it fair! 
I think someone will get it this time!

Come to the Quilt Show
 This Friday, Saturday and Sunday...
Oct 17-19th is the Washington state quilt show in Spokane WA...
Truly one of the best in the nation.
The shopping is to die for!
The quilts are beautiful and inspirational.
It is at the Spokane fairgrounds.
I will be a my usual spot!
Plus there will be Charming lulu ....a fab sewing boutique.
There are lots of shops, vendors, and fun things ...that trust will want!
Some things sell out...Friday is the day to have the best chances of getting the coolest stuff.
There is always a featured quilter and a fun WSQ quilter's boutique (good deals, pretty items)