Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Witchy goodness!

I know it is super duper close to Halloween...but I had to share some last witchy goodness!
Above is a delightful vintage drawing of a witch!  Slightly goofy and a little nutty.
I used to cut witch on broom silhouettes from black construction paper when I was a kid.
Good times.....making our own decorations. 
This is my plastic witch I always put out in my pots of flowers.
She is grumpy and mean....but she never fades.
She is like a gnome.

This one is some art deco goodness.  
She is glam and looks like she might have known the Great Gatsby!

I have been watching all my favorite hokey Halloween movies from the 60's....usually hammer films with peter Cushing and Christopher lee.
I also love Vincent Price.....just watched "Twice told tales"....pretty good!
I love roasted pumpkin seeds and enjoying these flicks.

We are going to have those pumpkin shaped pizza's on Halloween....can't wait!

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