Monday, October 6, 2014

Pumpkins I grew

Here are two of the pumpkins I grew in my garden this year...remember they were supposed to be cucumbers.
I put these on a stool in the kitchen....since they are smallish.
I am happy they grew into pumpkins!
Here is my big pumpkin I grew....right now he is wearing a cool vintage mask.
It was so cheap last year....I believe 49 cents.
This is a little scene in my dining room...the picture was fuzzy...sorry.
I got the bronze urn at a cool vintage sale.
The black tree I just got at Goodwill.
I have quite the cute collection of glass them.
The picture frame is a four season with cats pattern of mine.
I love putting funny items in big glass containers....this year I stuck candles, ornaments, and a gingham cat.
Here are my new Yankee candle skeleton bride and groom...with bleeding candle.
I love to collect vintage paper decorations.
This black cat is trying to be scary.....but is still cute.
Lastly is a sneaky peak of my last Halloween design for the year....all my other designs are going in a box until next year.
I have a cool fall candle mat coming up next...and working on some Thanksgiving ornaments.
I am always behind...oh well!

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