Monday, December 23, 2013

Glittery art spool stands

I am pulling out the glitter again!
I wanted to make little stands for my artist's trading cards! 
These little pieces of art deserve some attention.....not to just be tucked away all the time!

Start out with empty spools and paper clips.
These are often at thrift stores and at antique stores in bags.

Collect up a variety of sizes.  Small paperclips seem to be a little too small.

Insert your paper clips and hot glue them in place.
Make sure the clip area is on top so you can put a card in it.

Get out your glitter, elmers glue, and paintbrush.

Apply a generous amount to the spool.

Sprinkle and shake off.

Let dry!

Here is my mom....I made her into a valentine.

More valentines....sweets for the sweet!

Easter.....sweet Easter.

My thanks vets atc.....see how I didn't put enough glue on this spool!

I love these.  I am sure they could hold all kinds of cards, display info at a craft show, placecards at a dinner table, alittle favorite saying to inspire you....etc....
I hope you glitter it up!

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