Monday, December 30, 2013

I'm in PRIMS magazine...winter 2014

I love being PRIMs magazine again!  These magazines are full of info, ideas, inspiration, fun, and much much more.  All the Stampington magazines are a treasure to keep forever....more like books than magazines!

My sew patriotic mice pillow is in this one!

I have been in over 60 magazines ...I never get over the thrill to see my name in print.
You should try submitting your arts/crafts....the worst they can say is no....but it could be a YES!
I started my whole business by submitting an idea to Country marketplace....and then everything designing my own patterns...came shortly after.

These mice are very naughty....but cute!
The patterns for this is in my Etsy shop, patternmart, or my website(printed patterns)

I share some tips in the magazine....the whole magazine is delightful...and is so inspiring.
They are always at crafts stores and Barnes and noble (my hangout!)


  1. Hi!!! Congrats!!!! That is wonderful!!!! Your designs are always sweet and creative!!!!