Thursday, August 15, 2013

Selina's new pad!

This is my daughter Selina's new pad...the entire basement of our used to be my studio!
She painted it bright red.
This is her living room area.
The couch she got at goodwill for 40. She had a blast decorating!
First we had to reroof my studio building and then move my massive hoard of crafting out.

Here is her "Bar"  that serves coke and candy.
She covered the bar, which was just an old ugly shelf, with dollar store contact paper.

Here is our Mannequin..."Flo".
Selina made the paper dress for her out of an old dictionary.  She whips things up so fast....and on  her own.

Her poker/game table.  We bought the ikea light in Portland when we went to market.

Selina got a branch from the back yard and covered it in lil lights.
Her table there has old 45's on them.

She has her TV and karaoke too.  She is my only she is spoiled a little.

She painted this in the hallway next to her mirror....she just comes up with soooo many ideas.

This is part of her bedroom.
She likes color!

He vintage camera collection.
A nice lady in an antique store in Cashmere WA gave her one for nothing....score!

She loves painting radios and telephones

This is where she works on her Peacock Gumdrop etsy site.
Lets just say...she is never bored!
I love her sooo much!
Pretty nice pad!

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