Monday, August 19, 2013

Fun sampler quilts

We are having a windy monday....still hot however.  I like the wind for a change.
These are my two first patterns I ever created that belongs to my Hudson's Holidays line.
I was very proud of them and still are!  It doesn't matter how many years go by...these two are still popular.
They are both only $1.99 each on my etsy...until next monday.
Above is:

This is very simple embroider, just a running stitch and back-stitch, with 10 lil designs like: cat, bat, spider, candy corn, witch , ghost, moon, apple, owl and pumpkin. Quilt measures: 26 1/4"x 22 1/4". they could be made into lil mini pillows too. It is simple painting, like coloring in a coloring book, just fill in the area with color. Makes a great piece.
This is so easy and fast to stitch up! This pattern has 10 designs to stitch using black floss, and is easy to paint like coloring a coloring book. The designs are Christmas tree, snowman, reindeer, wreath, stocking, santa, gingerbread man, mitten holly and plaid heart.
finished quilt measures: 26 1/4" x 22 1/4".
I also need to show off my beautiful daughter who models for me!
Selina is very creative herself and she is always busy making the top she is wearing!
She is going to be a sophomore in 2 weeks...she can't wait for school to begin.
The hats she is modeling is on my Etsy site

She contacted Project runway about ideas for the show and how she loves fashion....and they wrote back with all kinds of informative advice....she has made a portfolio like they suggested....she is a hard worker! 
Soon I will be having her sweet sixteen birthday...seems like yesterday she was in her onesies and crawling around.

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