Monday, August 26, 2013


See this cute guy?  He is a skunk.  Looks Innocent right.
A few nights ago I am sleeping....I wake up to large crunching noises. 
 It sounded like a zombie eating a human....very scary!
I look out my screened window, with flashlight in hand.
Peppy le pew was outside our window eating a piece of bread I gave the birds.
He looked at me and just kept eating.
I nearly had a heart attack.
This bread got dry and got crunchy....we live in the city!
So we stop putting out any bread for the birds. Next day....
We are sitting outside as the sun sets....and Peppy walks in our yard like he owns the joint....and goes to looks for bread.  My cat that hunts everything wants to get it.
Geez ...we had to get her and save her from being sprayed.
Now I am not sure how to stop this skunk from coming!
The skunk has sprayed something around the house, but not us or the cats.
Peppy was always so cute on the cartoon!


  1. HAHAHAHA!! We have had skunk issues this year too....mama skunk and her four babies actually wandered across our yard in broad daylight! We also caught two in our have-a-heart traps while trying to capture a pesky groundhog! Good luck!

  2. Hey LeAnne,
    Glad to know I am not the only one! We also had prairie dog problems, but they disappeared about 3 weeks ago...there were tons of them! They ate our flowers and tried to dig under our house (which is impossible).

    I would have flipped seeing momma and babies!

  3. Oh my gosh those things leave smell block long & that's before they spray. I all most throw up when smell them.Keep food out way & they go looking else where You hope,,ha,ha,

  4. Yep....I am leaving no more bread for the birds or water bowls for cats.....they will have to get their water from inside.