Thursday, August 29, 2013

Old Washington map

Washington home!
I love old dictionaries, atlases, papers, etc...
This is Washington state from an old book from 1954.
I think if you click on the pics above they will show up larger.
***If you would like to see your state on my blog....just comment and tell me which glorious state you come from.
I love my shows how thinks were different over 50 years ago.  My neighborhood I grew up in was originally a it is part of Spokane....because Spokane grew so much. It is fun to see change.
Live more fully NOW,
to develop golden memories


  1. Thank you for posting my home State...from the time I was 3 until I was almost 59 I lived in the Seattle area. No freeways just 2 lane roads, I do miss it somewhat at times.
    Marj in Mexico
    thelady at

  2. I grew up in Seattle and now live many miles away in TX. I still consider it my home and will always have a fondness for WA. Thanks for this great map and all your other images.