Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our day trip to Leavenworth

This past week we were mainly on a stay-cation but one day we went to Leavenworth much fun.  It is a city near the cascade mountains...just before you go over to get to the Seattle area.
It is a German town...Bavarian!
Everything looks like you stepped out of the Sound of music or Heidi.

There were tons of people there....having fun

We ate here at Cafe Christa....on the top balcony.
There we laughed so hard...the couple next to us was a sixty year old kissing a twenty something year old.....yuck city!  She was model beautiful....he was your typical dude of 60.  I wanted to say to him...."she is with you for your money fella".  I know this is naughty of me....but they were feeding each other and everything.....yikes!
Downstairs was a shop we loved...we got a German clock, beer steins (even though we do not drink beer-go figure), a teapot and other goodies.
This is a giant may pole....staring up at it made us want to fall over.
Nice pharmacy huh!  Even McDonald's looked German.  All businesses had the look of Germany.
I got some perfume to die for....called Versaille afternoon.  I rarely buy perfume because most makes me sneeze....but not this one!
We had tons of fun....and along the way driving we stopped at lots of old barns and took pics for my Daughters etsy shop...Peacock Gumdrop....she will be adding them soon!
One building was an old was creepy!

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