Friday, July 13, 2012

Where bloggers create 2012

Yay!  It is a 4th annual Where bloggers create blog hop....where we can show you all our studios!!!
The lovely Karen Valentine hosts this big party!!!  Go to her blog to see everyone else's much fun and gives you great ideas!!! 
Let me introduce myself to you....if you don't already know me.
I'm Shirley Hudson of Hudson's Holidays Designs.  I design craft and quilt patterns. My projects range from stitcheries/embroidery, wool projects, pin cushions, wallhangings, quilts, and everything for every holiday. Currently I have over 180 patterns in my line.  I also create art via paintings and digital artwork.  I have the best job in the world, and I am very grateful for it!  My husband and daughter mean the world to me and I love them dearly!
Above is the quilted wallhanging on the passage way to my studio.

This is a cool little shelf I got at a flea is perfect near my mailing center! I did some collage work on the painting on top...."One day at a time".

I love Pom-poms!!! It is almost like candy.

I keep my pins with stamped sayings near by for Mannequin pin cushions.
I keep a printers drawer full of odds and ends near my glue embellish projects.

Here is a painting I am working on...from an old book page.  It is a trick or treating princess.

I like keeping my fav stamps in a large bowl...handy!

When I am using a paper punch....I keep them organized by putting them in a muffin tin.
I keep my paints in this old shelve from goodwill.

This lil letter organizer is perfect for tags.  I keep my Titanic sculpture my daughter made me on it.  I also have my lil Anne boleyn painting on the top too.

This is hard to see...but it is 4 loaf pans joined together...great for organizing.

I love creating with inexpensive party streamers!  I keep all my colors in baskets.  I like to paper craft alot!

Here is my cubby hole display...chuck full of my junk...I mean stuff!  Here is a large mannequin from my mannequin pattern.

I have so many things around I don't know what to do with it at times.   There are strawberry pin cushions, mice pin cushions, party hats, bowl fillers, etc....

"Life is good" Party hat adapted from my festive party hats pattern.

True love....for kitties.  I like big eyes!

My daughter models my hats....she has big eyes!  She has an art table right next to mine.  She is going to high school this year...yikes!

This is a cigar box covered in old book pages....with a lil Marie Antoinette.

My bloom painting and a love jar.

Here is my idea section...just an old fence with clothespins holding up all my favorite stuff. I had a postcard done of my designs that I sent to lots of quilt shops...worked real well...used vista and easy!

More items on my idea fence....I love looking at it.

Here is a fairy like mermaid above my desk....made by my pal Sue Burger.

I have to keep thread at my desk cause I am always sewing up something while my computer fights with me. It is finally winning...going to need a new one soon.

I found his Eiffel tower mug at a thrift store, perfect for pens, brayers, and pencils.
Thread for my sewing machine...I love having lots of color choices.  I keep my light box here to transfer embroidery designs.  

My shelf by my sewing machine has lots of buttons, dolls, a crown, chicks, and threads.

I love this flash card sign I made.

HOOPS... I love framing stitcheries in cool!

My mom....she was lovely!

Mr. Winter...I never made him into a pattern...he is one of a kind.

This is a new project I am working on.....not finished yet.

Please click on this link for more pictures of my STUDIO.  Some of my studio really hasn't changed I wanted to link up to the other pictures.  My studio is my whole basement....nice a cool in summer, cozy in winter.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Shirley, Your studio is wonderful!!! I can see that you are all the time creating. I love to see where others create!!!

  2. Such great studio.You are so very talented.I always feel seeing your emails is a great way to start my day!!!:)

  3. Wow! your space looks like so much fun to work in...thanks for sharing. I came because you were on Karen's link list...and for the first time this am I....hope you'll stop in to peek at my little corner of the world.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina
    your newest follower.

  4. What a fun space you have!! It is so neat to see all the different ways each of us make our space unique and "us"!

    I have a new little creative space for me thanks to all the years of visiting all those wonderful Where Women Create parties- would love for you to come by for a wee visit!

    bee blessed

  5. Awesome creative Space ♥

  6. You can never have too many buttons! I adore your painting and love jar. Thank you for sharing.

  7. What a happy whimsical place. Love it!


  8. I will have to try some of your organizing tips. I love your little mice! I make mice too, but a much simpler pattern. Thanks for sharing your great space!

  9. Wow, great space! Thanks for sharing!

  10. How wonderful it must be to have such a large space to work in!! The room is wonderful and I love how it is filled so many fun goodies to play with. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. Have fun!!!

  11. Great space, Shirley! Love those cubbies! I'm sure they are great for holding supplies and pretties on display. Love the little party hat and your altered boxes. Thanks so much for sharing your creative space!

  12. What beautiful creations and a great big room to create them it....thanks for sharing!!!!

  13. Your space is wonderful - full of great things to work with & so much space to craft in! OH, MY - your creations are wonderful! The cigar box is my favorite! LOVE IT!

    Hope you get to visit soon,

  14. Love your studio! That basket of whimsical mice tickles my fancy, adorable creations. Thank you for opening your studio.

  15. Great space and I love that you have a space for your daughter to create with you... memories... the best!

    I love your artwork and will definitely be back to check out more! (I see your Halloween is already up!)

    Take care and keep creating!

  16. What a great fun space. It seems so big and so full of inspiration. I will have to check out your mannequin pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hi Shirley!

    Shell from Snohomish here! Looks like we were "together" somewhere in that mad house called Farm Chicks!

    Love your studio space, many of my faves and I love your little pin cushions! I may have to check them out,,,I've started a collection!

    I love doing paper craft too, in fact that is primarily what I do! Thanks for sharing your Cheery space!

    I have a giveaway if you want to pop over!!

  18. Love the idea about the stitching hoops... great! Awesome space, thank you for sharing!

  19. Yes, Life is Good when you have a creative spot. Thanks for the tour!

  20. Love your space and adorable artwork! SO many fun things in your space form the tinsel, tot he buttons, to the art supplies! Your art is soo pretty!

  21. Life is Good!!! A fantastic space to work and play in.
    Thanks so much for the tour!

    ❤ ஆєℓєηα
    ɱεɱσŗγ ɓσх ƈŗεąŧïσŋş

  22. Hi Shirley!
    I looked through all the studio pictures and it is lovely! You are one lucky lady to have so much space! love your work too! It's neat that your daughter shares your creative spirit! Thanks for sharing with us!


  23. Your studio is beautiful and spacious! Your artwork is fantastic. Oh, how much fun you must have there! Thanks for the tour!