Sunday, July 29, 2012

Drawing fun!

Hey everybody!!!  I am taking a fun online drawing TASCHA.  I like to learn new skills and just play sometimes.  I always seem to be doing everything for my its time for some me  I draw all the time to make my designs...but this is plain fun!  The above pic is one of my drawings from the class....techniques learned with a few of my own ideas.

This is a practice on different faces.   I highly recommend this class.

She is bashful....I love making these gals!

Here are some of my daughter Selina's drawings.  She is having a blast too!

Cute girls...looking different ways. 

MEOW!  Selina loves mixing it up!  This is like Puss & boots when he is little.  This class....has videos and pdf drawings to print out for extra help drawing.....there is still time to join too!  Each week a new video is out.....we joined yesterday and went crazy!

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  1. Aw!!!! I love them all but the top little girl and the kitty are my faves!!!!