Monday, July 9, 2012

Etsy Seller Tips !

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Hi Everyone!  I am back to work...busy designing all kinds of Halloween projects.
I just wanted to share some Etsy seller tips with ya!
I have a pretty successful etsy shop...over 2600 sales....I thought I would tell you tips that work for me and may work for you too.
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My biggest tips is....list only a single item at a time...which means don't list something with an available amount of 20.  It is better to list a product, then later list it again....several times...but never in a large amount. Every time you list something to goes at the top of the search engine....which is what you want for more views and sales.

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List often on your etsy site...put plenty of items on your site.  Also try to list a variety of items with different prices to fit everyones budget.
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Make your etsy store have a cohesive look. Show your unique style!
 Your store banner makes an etsy store pop out and gives your store a professional look.

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Use all 13 tag when listing....I sometimes use 2 words in one works!
Describing your item in your tags are very important....and also make sure your title is very descriptive...the closer the important words are to the front of the title....the more the search engine finds it!
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Always connect your esty shop to your blog and facebook!
Add your items via pictures to pinterest. 
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Take clear photos!  Protect your art by adding a watermark or your name to it.
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You can have etsy is really easy to create a coupon code for a discount.  Email your customers about sales!  Describe your item very well....with all the details....measurements are very important!
Answer all etsy questions right away...customers appreciate it!
When sending your item...make sure to add your business card and other info....I love repeat customers...they are soooo sweet!


  1. THank you for the tips! I hope to seel on Etsy someday.

  2. Thank you for the great tips! :) My hardest one is clear pictures--I am horrible at photography! LOL :)