Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's me!

Yep...It's me!  I am not the kind of girl that seeks out a camera... in fact I like to avoid it like the plague.  My daughter convinced me that I need to show myself on my she is usual.  Here I am being silly....I like to be silly!
I love my hoop art...I am making some for Halloween!
I like a good party hat, don't you.....this one says....Happy girls are the prettiest!
My mouse pin of my best selling patterns!  It was only 97 degrees out when taking our pics...yikes!  My daughter said...yep...I'm hot now..I think we have enough pics.
As I get older..I am starting to finally look like my mom....which is strange since I look totally like my dad's side.....Scottish!  Mom was Scottish too though.  I am rambling! 
Have a cool evening!!

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