Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This and that... plus sneaky peaky

Sneaky peaky time!
My next pattern is coming soon...and it's HAlloweeny!
This closeup sure shows my muslin and floss threads.
If you love embroidery....then you will love this one!
DMC gave me some cool color variations to work with.
It is like a rainbow for stitching!
I am thinking up all kinds of punch needle ideas....the variations would give great texture. 
The blues would make great water scenes and ice/winter scenes.
I love the pinks however.
Early this summer I got this light box.
It is a cool light up sign that plugs in to a USB/plug in with adapter or batteries.
Last night we were playing with it alot.  You can change the letters...and write anything....My hubby made this sign for us.  I bought the flowery background to go with it.
This is going to be great at my quilt shows...in my living room as a fun sign and on my office shelf.
We had a terrible storm the other day...it came so fast and furious.
It was crazy wind, huge hail and caused alot of garden damage.
This above is my chives under tons of ice. 
This is my little potting hutch outside...covered in ice...I had to get it off the plants...the temperature was cold too. 
I had to scoop this stuff away from plants because it was not melting.

But now the temps are in the 90's....and going up....strange crazy weather!

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