Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tiny Strawberry freebie pattern

Today I want to share with you a little freebie pattern....
You make it from old vintage linens....the kind that have damage and have been embroidered on.
They are found very easily at the thrift stores or garage sales....
or you may have some in your stash. 
I made a whole bunch....just for fun.
I may put them in my strawberry collection in a bowl....sort of a summer decor thing. 
Here they are in my tea cup....so besides being a pin keep....they make a great bowl filler. 
You can fit the best part of the embroidery on the strawberry...so easy. 
They are cheerful and you can make the tops of the strawberry any color, and any ribbon choice too.
This is the old linen I took these from....it was torn in places so I was not going to use it as a table runner anyway.   
They make great friendship swaps and gifts.
Plus...what a great needle minder...just tie it to your embroidery hoop!!!

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