Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July...2016

I hope you have a great 4th of July!
This time of year is so special and usually the weather is great.
BBQ time!
I am going to wear alot of Americana today....
Going to get my Americana party hat on!!
I made this several years ago with my party hat pattern.
It is fun to make special hats with any choice of fabric and any theme.
I am going to wear this new hexie pendant I made too!
I just used some sharpies (pens) on tea-dyed muslin...added some glitter and put it into a wood hexie blank (my daughter makes the blanks and sells them)
This makes for a super quick necklace....I just whipped it up...since I didn't even have to stitch.
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I thought I would re-give some Americana freebies from the past!
I love this one especially!

Liberty bell. cute.

I love flags...I have many in my yard...waving around. Plus I have a new lit up pretty in the evening.
My big sale ends Wednesday....
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Thanksgiving represent all the holidays..

I can't help loving it all.
Here is just a small amount of what's available.
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  1. Fun post Shirley. Thanks for the freebies, I enjoy the Patriotic items as my son is career military. Time is what I lack to create all that I'd like too !! Enjoy a fun week And as always THANKS for the inspiration