Monday, April 11, 2016 to make a necklace pendant.

Happy Monday!
I try to be positive about Mondays! 
Today I am showing you how easy it is to make a sweet embroidered pendant necklace.
It is very easy to make!!!
Here is a new wood design from my daughter Selina....She makes wooden pendant blanks...
This is the new rectangle.  Below it is a scrap of cotton batting. 
I always glue a piece of batting to the inner part...where the design will be.
I love this quick dry glue from Aleene's. 
Just glued on ...cut any batting that hangs over the edge. 
All glued..let dry.

I typed up some words on the some different fonts...I liked this one.

Here is the word dreamy so you can just copy and save this if you like. 
Using a light box or a sunny the word under some cool fabric.

Trace the word using a blue disappearing marker.
I placed the word in between some of the wilder area of the print. 
All hooped up and ready to stitch...I couldn't decide what color to use...but finally picked a green color. 
This took me a few easy and fast.
I then rinsed the blue marker away with water and let dry.

I then placed the design over the inner rectangle....then put the outer rectangle over the fabric down.  
I am cutting the excess fabric on the back down to 1/4" around the entire rectangle.

All cut 
Now I glue the edge to the back.

Top and bottom...

Then sides...

I cut out a piece of felt...big enough to cover the inner rectangle.

Add glue... 
Place on the back and press down. 
I decided to add a little wool heart and a small gold safety pin!
Stop by her shop sometime....these are some of her other she has more!

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