Monday, April 25, 2016

Over the weekend...

Over the was my Daughter Selina's high school prom!
She got this lovely dress.....for....drum roll.....
20 bucks!!
She is a thrifty shopper!
Doesn't she look great!
I had to hem it though since she is small.
This is her man...Jaryd.
They have been dating for over a year.
They get along so friends too.
She is a gal that loves gaming....what guy doesn't like that?
He was helping her with her business this weekend too...what a gem he is!
They had a great time.
I got this on spring break...I just love this was 4 dollars! 
We went to an antique show on Friday...I got this cute tin that used to hold cookies. 
Cute old fashioned design.  I think it should hold sewing supplies now. 
I am always looking for Vintage Halloween....I got this at Coeur D'Alene, ID. 
Halloween noise scare away nothing but my

I love this little treat holder...I guess this was for Robert.
I think four nuts could fit in it! 
I got this blue pitcher...I know it is new...but I love the look of it.
My lilacs are already in full bloom...I need to cut and out into this pitcher! 
I love going to this primitive shop in a near by town...they have cute inexpensive pictures. 
This is a huge tag my daughter made....cut from her laser....and I got to play with it!
I put random flowers and free motion stitched it up. Plus I added a glittery banner.
There is a pencil next to it...that is how big it is!
Here it is hanging in my office.
Selina is considering alot of new products for her etsy shop...this may be one of them.
You could put any embroidery design in it....making it instantly framed! 
I recently got this lovely piece of art from Michelle is drawn on muslin!
I am still deciding if I will frame it and stitch it up into something. 
I went to the EXPO in my hometown almost everyday back in the early 70's....with my siblings to look after me.
I got this little flag for 25 is a great memory for me.
This cute elephant was made by a crafter...glittered...tutu of  party streamer and a sweet paper hat...this is in my office. 
Snoopy and Woodstock look after the office when I am not around!
Love their eyes!

Gotta get going...
Happy Monday!

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