Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Proud moments!

This is my daughter Selina...almost a High school Graduate....about a month left!
She has been doing so well in her new business of laser cut pendants, brooches, blanks and more.
She has just had her products featured on embroidery.about.com....by the wonderful Mollie Johanson of Wild Olive!!!! We are over the moon with happiness!!! Come check it out!!!
This is her Owl pendant blank....you can fill the circles with fabric or embroidery.
Here she is modeling one of her necklaces.
The owl looks cute just with fabric. 
and this is her bird brooch blank.
She makes all kinds of hexies too....for necklaces and rings.
I love the Halloween!!! 
She just recently started a blog too!!!
She also has a distributor....Checker!
She started this in January of this year.... and things are a bit overwhelming for her....but I help!
She has a whole notebook full of more ideas...some ideas incorporate some of my designs...can't wait to share them with you! 
She will soon have the hexie earring blanks too....she is modeling her ones...she is keeping these. 
Sooo sweet!

I had to share my pride with you....hopefully you are not sick of my mentioning this...I just can't believe how things are working out!!!!
Her Grandma Betty and Great Grandma Shirley would be soooo proud too....guess they are watching over her in heaven!

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