Monday, October 7, 2013

My shopping haul...crafting goodies

I went to my sisters town this past weekend...had a blast.
We had good meals, talked and laughed, hot tubbed, and shopped til we dropped.
I want to show you what I got....that is crafting related.
I got all kinds of fun goodies.

I got beads, gems, and vintage buttons!  Pretty darned cheap too.

I love this big bag of white buttons....2 bucks!

There were all kinds of bundles of fabric.....did I need them....not telling.

LOVE the Halloween fabric...the pumpkin fabric I have had of my favorites.

Dennison Halloween booklet....for a dollar!!!!
I grabbed that faster than fast.  I also got some old witch diecuts....I will have to take a pic of that later.

a cool bead necktie for my daughter...needs a little repair.

Bundles for a buck

Love the blue gem cameo.

Wild animal print for my daughter.....rick rack for me.....again did I need more stuff?

Vintage lace...yes I needed it!!!
I also got some lovely Kelly Rae Robert stuff....a canvas print and cool mirror.
Got records (love vinyl) and clothes too.
My daughter has a new wardrobe I think....thank god some of it came from thrifting.
I need a nap to catch up on this wild weekend.
My daughter at Octopus garden....hats with wigs!
That store is a whole lot of fun.

Sunday McDonald's for breakfast....imitating Miley Cyrus on Saturday night live.
That's my crazy sister...Angie.

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