Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween...frightful, yet delightful

It is getting chilly over night now...I guess it really is October!
My new sign is now available...."Halloween..frightful, yet delightful". 
I love this saying!  It is perfect.
I love watching scary movies in October....
 The collector 1965 film poster.jpg
Last night on TCM (it is on demand) of my favorite creepy movies was on...The collector
This one is so scary because it could be done and has been really.
This man kidnaps this girl...thinking he can make her fall in love with him.
Film Review: The Collector | Grumpy Guy Cinema
The actors are superb!  You forget they are acting....I really feel for the girl.
The Collector Blu-ray - Samantha Eggar
She is a smart...tough girl....who does everything she can to get free.
If you have not seen should...but I warn is creepy for 1965.


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  1. Such a great print for Halloween! I could see hanging a bunch of them up a staircase for an eerie touch!