Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome to my Spooky home!

Halloween is almost here....I thought I would share my home with you today.
It looks like a little cottage in the forest. It is bigger than it seems.

Our rocks we painted.....those white and black speckly ones are great for skulls.

This is right outside my studio door.  My studio is a big building next to my home....the easiest commute ever!

My kitchen bright. I have my fake potion bottles and an old round cookie jar I painted over and made into a pumpkin.

My kitchen....normally in red, white, and blue...I had to add a big crow, vintage cookie cutters, and my lunch pail.

I collaged up this lunch pail years was just plain black.  I wired a crow to it.

This is part of the dining room...Frankenstein watches over everything.

My little stack of cheap horror stories from the 50's and 60's.

This is my huge skull pillow I needle was going to be a pattern, and then I thought ...NO!

I like to mix things I have made(which is a lot) with vintage finds.

I love my Frankenstein doll....under its clothing it looks like a ken

Here is my four season cat window....with my Halloween tree and other goodies.

I have a whole hutch for Charlie Brown/peanuts stuff.
I have such a happy feeling every time I dig these out of a box.

More.....see the Linus stitchery in the was soooo easy using a coloring book for the lines to stitch and then I painted it with watered down acrylic paint.

Here is my living room mantle.
Chuck full of Halloween.

I cross-stitched the witch a long time ago. Love the cat eyes.

I like to decorate every shelf.

Many items I find while thrifting.
This skull burps out candy....when you pull the bone down.  The pumpkins are needle felted.

I have my Halloween quilt with my favorite paper skeletons and witches.

They are so cool.

I love this painted witch with raffia background.

All these things bring me such a happy feeling....but it takes a lot of totes to put away.

These guys I got at favorite store when growing up.

Here I made a little Halloween memories book with our families pictures...all the Halloween parties of the past.

This purple witch and me go back a long time....I try not to have scary decorations....since my daughter gets afraid easily....we watched the Blair witch project last night and she almost died!

Froy says to get the camera off!

This witch I got in the gooseberry patch was expensive.....but so worth it.
Great ghost!

Candy corn and my light up pumpkin.

One of my first quilt long ago.  It is cherished.

Bad shot of my piano....dang it.  This is my mom's piano....she could play anything.  She didn't need the music, all you had to do is name the song or hum it for her. 
Well I hope you liked my little Halloween tour!


  1. You have so many fun decorations and I love the wood kitties on the wall. I painted rocks to look like fun pumpkins, but they wore out over the years, guess I didn't use the right finish.


  2. Hi Debbie,
    We sprayed clear gloss on the far so good. They are about 5 years old. The kitties in the frame is a pattern of mine....just got it put back after my quilt show.
    Love hearing from you.

  3. Your house looks brilliant! Happy Halloween!